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9 months ago

Creating Formula To Report


I am wanting to add a Report with a formula for this.

It takes Todays Date, adds 2 days and gives a report that has "Return Date" that matches the date from 2 days from today.


(08/22/2023, 2)  = 08/24/2023

Report will give any "Return Date" that has the date 08/24/2023.

I am having a hard time doing this and probably over thinking.

Thank you!

Eric Arellano

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  • If you just want to do a filter on a report, you can set the filter where [Return Date] is 2 days "in the future". 

    If you want to make a new field to calculate if today is 2 days before the return date,  then it would be a formula checkbox ox field type

    [Return Date] - Days(2) = Today()


    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)