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2 years ago

Creating Pipelines

My first attempt into Pipelines and I'm a bit lost honestly.  Because I don't have any experience in this, I chose to use the "wizard?".

Here's what I have Work Crews, Work Crews are assigned to specific workload records.  Workload Records have a crew pay associated with them as well as a completed date and paid date.

I create a Work Crew Pay record child to the Work Crew.  Work Crew Pay record has a pay period start and end date.  I would like to create a pipeline which looks at the Workload Records, makes sure that it's assigned to the associated Work Crew, Check the Paid Date and make sure it's blank, if it's blank check the complete date and see if it falls between the pay period start and end dates.  If so then I want to copy the Workload details (multiple fields) including the work crew pay to the Work to be paid table assigned to the Work Crew, hopefully providing a Work Crew Pay Record with multiple Work to be paid records.  Essentially looking at all the work performed by the work crew for the pay period and creating a list of workload based records.  Then once the information is copied update the Workload Record with the paid date associated with the Pay Date.

I've tried using join tables to do it without pipelines, but I wasn't getting to where I wanted to be.

Any help is appreciated.

Paul Elliott

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  • HI Paul,
    This would easier to show you then walk you step by step . I'm from India and get on a zoom with you from 9AM IST - 9PM IST

    You can also see multiple YouTube videos where pipeline is explained in detail

    Prashant Maheshwari