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10 months ago

Custom Button Works On Web But Not Mobile

Good Morning Everyone,

Currently I have a URL - Formula Button that directs people to edit their related record.  It works perfectly fine on the web version, but not on mobile.  If I sent the direct link that works on web to mobile, it then works on mobile.  The button returns the user back a page instead of where it is suppose to go.  Here is the code below, any help is appreciated.

URLRoot() & "db/" & [_DBID_PERSONNEL] & "?a=er&rid=" & URLEncode([PersonnelRecordCopy]) &"&dfid=2"  & "&z=" & Rurl()


Sean W

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    Hey Sean,

    In case you haven't done so already, this might make more sense for a support case to Quickbase to review. From your description it sounds like mobile either isn't designed to support your URL-Formula Button or isn't behaving as it should be. Either way, it would be a good way to confirm whether or not this is a bug or a feature request. 

    Ben Simon

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  • Can you explain what happens on mobile, when you say 'it doesn't work'? There are a million bugs on mobile. One is the following: If you are in edit mode, and push a formula URL button (add or edit) then the return function you posted does not work correctly. It lands on the record instead of going back a page. If you are in view mode, then it works exactly as expected. Not sure if this is your issue, but I can almost guarantee whatever your issue is, that it is a bug that will be ignored.

    QB has been very vocal that they will not be fixing any mobile bugs, so we just have to live with them. They say it is because they are coming out with a new mobile look/form, but they have said that for 3 years so I am not optimistic it will be in our lifetime.

    Mike Tamoush