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2 years ago

Custom Data Rules to Support Moving Cards on Kanban Report

We are ready to implement SAFe Kanban Lanes for a large enterprise QB App.   

  • The SAFe Lanes are Intact, Reviewing, Analyzing, Backlog, Implementing MVP, Implementing Full, Done (realize value proposition).
  • For Each Lane we will have colorized Lane Status of Not Started, Work in Progress and Completed.
  • For very large projects that require leadership funding approval we will have various stage gates & decisions that will move work to the next Lane.  For these projects, the decision action will update the completion of the current lane and approval for the next lane.
  • For smaller projects we want to be be more nimble and allow Product Teams to drag work from one Lane to place in the next Lane.   Naturally we want to control that they are not being overzealous and dragging work to an inappropriate lane nor trying to drag work that is not done in current lane.   As the work is dropped into the next Lane, we want to reset the Lane Status to Not Started.   We also want to record the Ending date for the Kanban Lane that is complete and the Beginning date for the next Kanban lane for reporting metrics for how long work is in Lane.   
  • According to QB Help, it appears that Custom Data Rules can support Moving cards on a Kanban Report.  Unfortunately, I have not found an example nor a video demonstrating this.   But it certainly seems to warrant a test.

I am hoping for mentorship from the community in how this has worked for your Kanban report data.   I am especially curious about beginning and ending Lane dates and how this works when Work Items are being repositioned back to a previous lane.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Annetta Coleman

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  • Kanban Reports can do the vertical sort either on any field or else by enabling manually sort for the vertical columns.  You can also the color the boxes so that is all pretty straight forward and it sounds like you know that already.

    The drag and drop across columns only sets the value of a multiple choice field with no more than 15 choice including blank.

    Your reference to Custom Data Rules confuses me as those can only ensure data integrity and blocking the save (including a Kanban drag and drop) if the rules are not met.

    If you want the ability to drag the small projects, then that means that the choices for the columns - say if they were called [Status], needs to be a simple multiple choice field.

    So if you want the Large Projects to auto calculate a status, then you will need to use form rules or Pipelines to set the value for the [Status]  to be say equal to the value in the (formula text) field [Status Calculated for Large Projects]. 

    The challenge though will be how to prevent users from dragging a Large project to a new status.  I can't think of how to do that right now.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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      I think if you could set the status for Large projects based on a form rule, then you can have a Custom Data rule to put up an error message when the Project is Large and status is not equal to the [[Status Calculated for Large Projects].  That will prevent a drag and drop for a Large Project.

      Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
  • I found a way! In the advanced settings, at the bottom of the page you can enter custom data rules for the table. After checking the box to turn them on, I used a simple formula as follows:

    If([Site Status]="7. Access Confirmed" and [Access Confirmed]=false, "Access Not Confirmed")

    so when a user drags a record into the '7. Access Confirmed' status and the field [Access confirmed] is NOT checked, an error message pops up, saying "Access not confirmed". Further, it forces the user to reload the page and moves the record back to the previous status.

    From there you can add similar formulas for other statuses.

    Ryan Doble

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      Ryan Doble