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3 years ago

Custom new user email

Has anyone figured out how to do a custom new user email?  I know I can use API_SendInvitation to modify the text, but that doesn't allow me to remove the laptop graphic, change the subject line or generally customize the email.  Anyone do this?

Jessica Feauto

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  • Hi Jessica,

    Fully customizing some of those system messages like the app invites isn't something that is currently available. If that is something that you would like to see in Quickbase I would recommend adding that to our feedback tool, you can find it when you are signed into Quickbase on the My Apps page via the Feedback tab. From there you can put in your suggestion (or find a similar one from another customers to support) and let us know what would help you accomplish your goals then that feedback gets bubbled up to our product management team. This feedback helps them identify new features or enhancements to existing features that our customers are interested in and many features that exist today started as customer feedback.

    Evan Martinez