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8 months ago

Customize report to only show certain records

I have an app where values get entered daily.

I want to create a report that shows only the top 25 of all time and then a summary of how many of the top 25 were in each year.

Not sure where to start?

Steven Nelson

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  • Unfortunately there is not a way in a report that allows you to filter out a set number of records like that within the report itself. 

    It is possible that you could achieve it though using formula queries and use that query as a report filter. In that scenario, whatever field you're searching on, you would make a query to count the number of records > than that value. In your report you then filter out anything where that number is >= 26.

    The formula would look like: Size(GetRecords("{'fid of your # field'.GT.'[Number Field]'}),Dbid()))

    You're basically just checking anything that is higher than your current record and omitting anything where there are at least 25 larger values in front of it.

    Chayce Duncan