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11 months ago

Data Transformation in Pipeline

Hello Quickbase gurus,

We have a scenario where we are integrating with Salesforce. 

We need to do some data transformation eg. if value of field is coming as 'ABC' then I would like to store 'XYZ' in quickbase.

Is there a way to achieve the same ?

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.



Avinash Kumar

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  • One way is to make a translation table. The key field will be the Salesforce value. The other field will be the QuickBase value. 

    Then I would make a relationship where one salesforce values record has many QuickBase data records.  I would let the system create a Field called Related Salesforce value and  then I would change that field to a formula text field equal to the value of the field  in the Quickbase data, which holds the salesforce value.  The reason I wanna formula is because if anybody is manually editing I don't think you want them choosing off up that table, but I guess that's up to you whether you want users to be able to do manual entry. It sounds like your  Quickbase QuickBase data is imported. . 

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)