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7 months ago

Date from Table in Header

I have a table where i concatnated a date for the release date YY.MM.  They want that date to show in the header.  How do i go about just showing that date in the header.  When i go to put the date in, it doesnt give that field option.  Is this not doable due to it being added by add button and that field is housed somewhere else?

Kari Lang

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  • The concatenated field that you want to display is stored in your child records correct? And you want it to show on the parent/header record? 

    You can use the 'combined text field' in the relationship between your records - it will technically show up as a list if you have more than one distinct value for YY:MM at the header level - but if they're all the same then it will just appear as one value summarizing the YY:MM of your children records. 

    Chayce Duncan