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25 days ago

Date Input

Good  Morning,

I am new to QuickBase and would like to have a report that has a Starting Date and Ending Date that the user would be prompted to enter.

Could someone advise on how to accomplish this?

Thank you,



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  • Have you built any tables in Quickbase yet? The basic functionality in quickbase is:

    • Build a table. Each table will have fields (for you, at minimum a Starting Date and Ending Date field).
    • Add records to that field, filling in information such as start and end date.
    • Display those records using reports. Most typical is a table report which would list out the records and data you choose (like an excel sheet).

    In short, you will need users to create records in order for them to have somewhere to fill out start and end dates.

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      I am going to interpret your question that you have records with a single date on them. Then you want to let the user run a report where they can specify a range of dates. 


      So just create a regular Table report, which is just a list of records and in the filter section select where the date is or after  

      And then it should give you a drop-down choice of ask the user  


      Then put that filter on the report, a second time as a filter and this time where the date is on or before and again choose ask the user.


      The effect should be that when you run the report, it will ask you those two questions and you should be able to answer them and get results.