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12 months ago

Date Modified Colors

How would i create color codes for the number of days since a record was modified?  For example, if a record was modified today, make it green.  If it was modified in the past 3 days, yellow and more than 3 days, red.

Mike S

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  • Hi Mike,

    Here is a formula that worked or me. I entered this into the color-coding formula at the bottom of a report.

    If(ToDate([Modified Date Test]) = Today(), "#008450",
    If(ToDate([Modified Date Test]) < Today() and ToDate([Modified Date Test]) >= Today() - Days(3), "#EFB700",
    If(ToDate([Modified Date Test]) < (Today() - Days(3)), "#B81D13")))

    You can substitute the [Modified Date Test] field for the [Date Modified] field, I created a new Date-Time field for testing. Here is what it looks like on a report:

    Please let me know if it gives you any trouble or if you have any questions! 

    Tyler Foster
    Associate Developer
    Synctivate Inc.