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11 months ago

default for filter

Okay, so this one is very basic, but I don't know if this is something that is in anyway native to QB. However, we have a dashboard, which can be seen below, with a filter on it. We will have multiple in field users utilizing this app, so the question is, is it possible to make a default in the filter of the last job accessed by each user. To be more clear if user 1 clocks in on job 4 last and user 2 clocks in on job 1 last, is it possible to make both of those user's filters default to jobs 4 and 1 respectively? 

William Hunter

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  • Not in the filter directly, no. The alternative would be remove the ability to select the filter by these users and instead add a filter into each report based on the job they're currently clocked into. The dashboard would then always display that job until they clock out or clock into a new one, they wouldn't be able to navigate the data between jobs on this page at least. You could add another report that shows what job they're currently clocked into as well to make it obvious

    Chayce Duncan