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3 years ago

Display field only if checkbox is not empty

This is very straightforward but I can't figure it out in my own because i'm a noob. 

I have a checkbox field called [Profit-share arrangement]
If this is selected, there is a follow up question called [Profit-share arrangement appropriate]

I need to know the syntax to include in the follow-up question's formula field to only display this if the checkbox is checked. 

e.g. =IF([Profit share arrangement]=TRUE.....?

Jemma Dicks

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  • No problem

    IF([Profit share arrangement]=TRUE, "My words go here")

    unlike excel, you do not start formulas in Quickbase with a plus or an equal sign.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      Also, if you're lazy like me, you can save a couple keystrokes by omitting the "=TRUE".  

      IF([Profit share arrangement]=TRUE, "My words go here") and IF([Profit share arrangement], "My words go here") will both produce the same result.

      Paul Peterson