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4 months ago

Docusign pipeline

Hi all, 

I want to create a pipeline that sends a template to be signed by our clients and the sales rep.

I dont know how to populate information of my quickbase tables in the documents, not in the signer information, but in the information of the document to be signed.

Does anybody did this? I need some help!


Francisco Ojeda

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  • Not to come across like a complete shill for Juiced, but they recently introduced JuicedSign which is also legal in court, and it was pretty easy to get working.  I did minimal reading of their help text and then used their installation wizard to automated the setup and they were also there to help me with questions.

    I knew that I also could have led my client in the direction of DocuSign and pipelines, but ugggg, I did not want to go through that installation learning curve. 

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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    Following along with Mark - if I remember, the costs are pretty similar, but the setup with Juiced Tech was so much easier to get going. 

    Katlyn Allen
  • Thank you again Mark and thank you too Katlyn!

    Francisco, if DocuSign is a must for you, we do have a DocuSign integration that doesn't require the use of Pipelines and DocuSign Templates.  It must easier to work with and is all managed from within your Quickbase application.

    As for JuicedSign, it works very similar to our DocuSign integration minus DocuSign.  JuicedSign per transaction costs are a lot lower than DocuSign costs as well.

    please reach out if you want more info:

    Keith Jusas