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6 months ago

Download Report CSV with grouped totals


I have a report that looks like this: 

You'll notice the highlighted yellow lines which address my issue. When choosing the "download report as csv" option, the report leaves out the grouped sum amounts - I get 4 rows of data, whereas, while looking at this report, it is showing what would be 7 rows of data if it included those totals. I was wondering, through some pipelines configuration if this is possible to achieve? "This" being create an excel downloadable extract which would group my data and add a total after the conclusion of that group, followed by the grand total at the bottom of everything?
Thank you

Shane Miller

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  • Although I have yet to find a way to export such a report as mentioned above, I did find an easy way for the user to create this report from what QuickBase exports out. 
    Once extract is downloaded from quickbase, open excel. Click any data point within your extract, choose the data tab above, and then on the far right you should see a button called "Subtotal". This takes a total of 15 seconds to accomplish. Screenshot to follow:

    Hope this helps someone in the future. 

    Shane Miller