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Qrew Trainee
2 years ago

Download ROLE details

Hi - I have 13 roles and 16 tables.  Since we have a couple of people making updates to our app, I want to download the details for each role (ie, Fields - details on modify, view, none for each field).  Then I can do a "stare and compare" to make sure all of the fields are setup appropriately by role.  This would be faster than me going through one-by-one each field or each role then field by table.  Is there a way to do that?  - thanks!


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  • Unfortunately I don't believe so. There are various ways to extract roles and field data - but not that level of granularity when it comes to the role-field security. 

    Your best bet might be to try and copy and paste it into Excel and then do it the old fashioned way there. If you go into the each role, pick a table and open the 'Custom Access' option for fields. If you drag your mouse over the modal popup and highlight / ctrl + c copy - you can put it into Excel. Its not ideal, but gets you something. 

    Chayce Duncan