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2 years ago

Downloading/Reading a PDF while in Edit mode of a record

I have a form people fill out, but while filling it out they are supposed to read the 'terms and conditions' which is a pdf file. This file is in another table, and I reference it via a rich text field.

If I simply have them click on the link, even if opening in another browser tab it reads the push as navigating away from the record, thus asking if I want to save or leave the record.

If I use the SaveBeforeNavigating class, this works, but it appears to have a bug. The record saves, file opens in a new tab. But when you tab back to the record, the 'Saving' box is frozen on screen and you can't get back to the record.

Any ideas of work arounds? I could possibly do a class=Open popup, but then that wont work on mobile, and this will be used 80% of the time on mobile. 

Any ideas?

Mike Tamoush
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