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11 months ago

Drop down choices from 2 tables

Hello everyone!  Is it possible to create a drop down list where the choices are pulled from 2 different tables?  

My situation is this:  We are a custom sign manufacturer, so our projects have Customers (ie: "Bill To"), and Locations (ie: where the sign is being installed).  Customers can have many contacts, and Locations have their own many contacts.  For a specific project, I have it set up where we can choose the customer and then the contact and location.  However, for the Location Contact, I want to be able to choose from both the Customer Contacts & the Location Contacts.

I hope that made sense - thanks in advance for the help!

Allison Watson

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  • Allison,

    Assuming that each Project needs two Contacts that might be the same person but serve different roles, I would solve this with two tables, Customer Contact and Location Contacts that are both related to the Contacts table.   

    In the Project you would pick both roles even if they are the same person.

    Here is how the tables would look.

    Using Conditional Drop downs you can set it so that in the Projects table, you will have the full list of Contacts for the Customer.

    Once you pick a Location for the Project, you get the smaller list that are Location Contacts.

    Don Larson