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11 months ago

dropdown option reveals additional fields

I have a dropdown option for a Resource to add additional helpers. 

Dropdown field: " How many helpers?" the choices are 1-5. 

Depending on what number they select, is there a way for it to show that many additional fields of "Helper name" and "helper total hours"? 

So if the resource selected 2, then 2 additional fields will show so they can input the 2 helpers names and hrs worked. 

I can just add 5 additional fields for names and hrs, but if they are empty they take up too much space. 

Dell Delemar

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  • No problem

    You will need 5 form rules, one for each set of helper fields to show or hide

    Rule 1

    #helpers = 5 show helper 5 fields

    Rule 2

    any of

    #helpers = 5

    #helpers = 4

    show helper 4 fields

    Rule 3

    any of

    #helpers = 5

    #helpers = 4

    #helpers = 3

    show helper 3 fields

    Etc for rule 4 and 5

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)