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8 months ago

Dynamic Form Rules

I have a work order form where it is required to select which type: Service (Customer), Service Lead (non-customer), Installation (has both customer and lead option), Quote (both customer and lead option), and Employee Time-Off (Each it's own section). I have all my form rules working the way I want them to within adding a record but once that record is saved and viewed later, I only want the section Customer OR Lead to show depending on which one was filled out.

How can I use a rule where if a field is just filled out (not specific data or matching - just entered) can I trigger hiding the section that wasn't filled out?

When editing/viewing the form (especially on mobile) I only want to see the necessary data.

Jillian P

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  • ... when [My field] is not (blank - just leave blank)


    Hide other section.

    Does this rule need to work differently in Add Mode?

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)