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2 years ago

Dynamic lists with user interaction.

Hello All,

I have a use case that I have been working on for a few days and cant get it to work exactly how I would like, hopefully someone here has figured this out.

I have a mentee table with a child to parent relationship to a mentor table. An employee will select a skill or career from the mentee table which will show a list of names of mentors that can mentor them on that skill or career through a report link. That all works well but what I am trying to do is once the mentee selects a mentor I want to have another field where the mentee has access to the same list of names in the report link in a drop down so they can indicate on the form who they selected. A regular user field is causing problems as employees are selecting names of people that are not on the list. A conditional drop down did not work because there are too many variables to account for on what to show in the list. (mentor availability, authorization....) I was able to get a formula query set up to reliably give me the list I need but then I run into the 20 user list limit and can not set the field to be a shared value for me to use in a multiple choice field.

Has anyone found a way to use a formula query to dynamically populate a multiple choice field that a user can interact with?

John Arniotis
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