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Dynamic multiple choice options based on value from another field

I have two multiple choice fields on the same table. 

Each record has a required field called "Program Type," and an optional field called "Scope." There are three program types that will use the scope field, the rest won't see this field when viewing or editing these records on the form.

Each program type has a different set of choices they can use within the "scope" field. I would like a way for the form to show only the appropriate options to when the "program type" field is set to these unique values. I am still using old forms on this table.

Example of what I would like the drop down to show based on program type.

Program Type 1 

Scope A 

Scope B

Scope C

Program Type 2

Scope D

Scope E

Scope F

Hopefully that's clear, thanks for any advice you may have!



I know I have done this other places in my sy

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  • You can search for help on conditional drop downs, but this can be done easily if you use relationships instead of multiple choices.

    Table of  Program Types.

    Table of Scopes.

    Then relate the and load up your data  

    then relationship where one Project Type has many Projects.

    then relationship where one Scope has many Projects, and then set the field property for related Scope to be conditional in the selection of related project type  

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)