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2 years ago

Dynamic Rule - How to Show Field Value in Message?

There may be a simple answer to this question, but for the life of me I cannot figure it out. When setting up a dynamic rule to display a message when the conditions are met. Is there way for the message to have a field value included?

I would like it to be like this: 

Field: [Skipped Stations] Value: "Station 3"

Message: "Cannot Complete. Station 3 needs to be completed first."

Instead, it's this:

Is there a way for me to get it to display the value of a field in the message?

Kaitlyn Stanley

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  • I don't believe you can use field values in the message, but someone can correct if I am wrong. However, if you make a dynamic form that says 'Abort the save' and make the condition in that rule [Skipped Station] is not blank, I believe QB will show a default message that is something close to that.

    Mike Tamoush