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3 years ago

Email to a complete group

Hello, I have a notification email that needs to go to all group members on a specific condition. I tried using the notification email but it asks me to select each user in the group individually. I have hundreds of users in the group. Is there a way to send notification email to a group without selecting each user in the group and listing them in the notification?

Raj Helaiya

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  • Hi Raj,

    When you are creating your notification and you select the option to send to A specific list of users . . . you can actually just put the name of the group in the text box that appears. For example if I had a group named All_My_Users I would put that right into the box. The browse user option is meant to give you more control if you wanted to pull specific users from a group. 

    Evan Martinez
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      Thx for the tip Evan,
      Just for completeness and not answering this specific question about Groups, you can also put field names in square brackets so that the email can be delivered to any email address fields on the record.
      [email 1]
      [email 2]
      [email 3]

      Mark Shnier (YQC)