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19 days ago

Embedded records

I have tabs set up in my parent table that when a user enters in the main record they can go to the subsequent tabs and enter in placements records in one tab, and updates in the following tab. The placements, and updates are connected to child tables. 

The issue I'm having is the embedded report that displays in each tab is showing no records at all, even


when records were entered for the parent record, or it's showing all of the records entered that aren't even related to the parent record.

The first screen shot shows the tab and it's displaying records related to the main tab, and the second screen shot shows where no records are displaying for the main related tab. Same for the last Updates tab, no related records are displaying and it's blank. 


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  • You should check for two things

    1. The reports being no used on the firms have no filters set. 

    2. The form property for the reports are set to filter based on the Report Link field 
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      Thank you, Mark, for  your reply. 

      I'm not sure I'm quite following #1 - is there certain filters that should be set, is that what you are saying?

      and to your second point - when I go into the setting under related records the radio button for "Filter using Report Link settings" is checked. 

  • I was saying that the normal usage for embedded reports is that the report itself is not filtered, but the panel setting at the side for the embedded report is set to use the Report link field to filer the embedded reports to show just children of the Parent record you are on.

    I think you are saying that the reports are not filtered, so that is correct.  The only other thing I can suggest to check is if somehow your Report Link field is messed up.   You can check its field properties to be sure that the field on he left side which is the Parent to match to, typically the [Record ID#] field of the parent and on the right side you have the correct field for the related parent.