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8 months ago

Embedding Reports in Report Link Field with New Forms

I'm hearing that you can embed reports on the new forms. 

I know how on the old forms, but am puzzled how on the new forms?

My three uploaded snapshots,  two show a Warranty Table form, the old form, and then customize report option to embed a report in a report link field.

The third snapshot shows the new form with the same report link field, but I'm not sure how to embed the 'Embedded for Warranty' report on the new form?

Bob T.

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  • In new forms there is a distinction between a report link and a report.  Create a Form element for a report.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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      The report link allowed for more specificity in culling records for the report I was sending via a form, using a notification.  I could use a report link to relate to a specific field, then call out the report in the form builder.  It would allow for fewer report filters and I could dual purpose a single report based on the report link fields.    On the new form, I don't see a place to call out the report like you could in the old form builder, where you'd toggle to "show on the form", then select the report.

        I've played around with the new custom email and again, I'd have to create a new report each time I want this notification to fire and I don't have to with the old forms and notifications.  The report link functionality seems to be different now and it's too bad, as I like the look and feel of the new form and custom email.


      Anyone know of a way to do this?

  • Never mind, I see the report link filter now.  Forest for the trees.