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7 months ago

Employee Quiz on QuickBase

Hello all,

I am fairly new to QuickBase and have been watching videos to help further my skills. I am trying to create a multiple-choice quiz where employees can take but not edit their quiz. I would also like them to see their scores at the end. I have seen how to do a formula version with the If function giving them one point. Just wondering if there's ways to do so. Thank you.

Christian V

Christian Verduzco

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  • For the first part about taking but not editing, this is likely best served through a security role setting where the user can 'add' but cannot modify. The intent here is that they have to take the quiz in one go - save, and then they're done. 

    For the formula score - is the intent to give them a point for completing the question or are you assigning scores based on correct answers. 

    If you care only about them completing it - then your score would look something like: 

    If( [Question 1 Answer] != "", 1,0) + 

    If( [Question 2 Answer] != "", 1,0) + 

    If( [Question 3 Answer] != "", 1,0) + 

    If( [Question 4 Answer] != "", 1,0) + 


    And so on. You're giving 1 point each type they provide an input for each answer. 

    If you're trying to compare to the correct answer, it will look more like:

    If( [Question 1 Answer] = "Answer to Question", 1,0) + 

    If( [Question 2 Answer] = "Answer to Question", 1,0) + 

    If( [Question 3 Answer] = "Answer to Question", 1,0) + 

    If( [Question 4 Answer] = "Answer to Question", 1,0) + 


    And so on. 

    The only thing to consider with this is that if they can see the score as they're entering - they can easily just go change their answers and check to see the score change to make sure they pick it correctly . You can set up the form to only show the score on 'View' to handle this - so that they only see it after they save. 

    Chayce Duncan