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3 years ago

Empty Records filling up : Parent Table (Connected) to Child Table


I'm new to quickbase. I'm working on an application for equipment records management.

Workflow is... .csv file in Gdrive > Master Table (connected, exact) > User Table(parent-child relationship) with only the additional dummy record columns in display for user inputs purpose

Gdrive > Master Table works as intended.
Master Table > User Table works too though not fully in shape as intended.

But as I try to put them together in a complete flow Gdrive > Master Table >* User Table, only the blank records are filling up in the User Table as noted with *. No records populate in the lookup field after creating a relationship. So, I had to import the records and the resulting records turned out to be null.

Any thoughts on where to look into? I really had no luck finding out where and how the flow gone wrong.

Jinyoung Youn
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