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4 months ago

Exact form Plus

I have 3 table.
1. RFP

2. Document Requests

3. Linking Table

Relationship is described below.
RFP is parent of Document requests and Document Request is parent of Linking table.

In my exact Form Document I want to show following. I want the document to be generated at RFP Table. How would I do following.

Document Request 1 
Linking 1 (info)
Linking 2 (info)
Linking 3 (info)


Document Request 2
Linking 1 (info)
Linking 2 (info)
Linking 3 (info)


Amna Anwar

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      thanks Chayce...

      Amna,  since the  RFP and Linking Table are not directly connected (my assumption)

      • you should make sure you have a lookup field on the Linking Table for the Key field on the RFP table. You can pull that down via the other table relationships you have...Assuming the following relationships exist.
        • RFP-->Document Requests 
        • Document Requests-->Linking Table
          • add a lookup field to this relationship for the [Related RFP] (if you don't already have this)
          • add additional lookup fields from the Document Requests table that you want to appear in the output document as well.  Maybe [Request Name]
      • In the document templates table, if you have a document template record created for the RFP table then add a new subtable using the EFP Configurator.  If not create a new document Template record and do the same.

      when you select a table without a direct relationship to the parent you have to select how they should be connected.  So you are building a query to let EF+ know how to gather the data for the output document.

      So now the Parent (RFP) and Grandchild table (Linking Table) are virtually connected as far as EF+ is concerned.

      Now you can finish the setup, select the subtable fields from the Linking table etc. and I would group the subtable by a field that you made as a lookup from the Document requests table, Maybe [Request Name] or something like that.  Or you could just sort but that field so the linking records come out sorted by the [Request Name]

      Hope this helps

      QB Juiced
      Juiced Technologies

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        Qrew Trainee

        Thank you!

        This is very helpful and thank you for quick response.

        I want the table format to be following rather than a regular table format. I don't see any setting for this. Can I achieve this format?

        Current request 1

        Linking 1 (linked request)

        Linking 2 (linked request)

        Linking 3 (linked request)

        AI response 1

        Current request 2

        Linking 4 (linked request)

        Linking 5 (linked request)

        Linking 6 (linked request)

        AI response 2

        Current request 3

        Linking 7 (linked request)

        Linking 8 (linked request)

        Linking 9 (linked request)

        AI response 3

        Amna Anwar