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2 years ago

Export / filter pipeline activity

Hi friends,

I have a pipeline that executes a lot throughout the day (roughly 2,000 executions per day).  These are triggered by a remote webhook.  I need to troubleshoot a few of the executions to see why updates to QuickBase aren't occurring like I expect.  Unfortunately I am not seeing errors on these so they must be going through a logic path that I don't expect within the pipeline.

In order to research this, I need to find the single execution I'm looking for and am wondering if the community has any suggestions on how to find that "needle in the haystack".  I've looked around for an export or filter option but haven't found anything.  Does anyone have a solution they could share on how to find the 4-5 problem executions within 2k?  Scrolling through the activity feed is unmanageable...

Thanks all

Jeremy Lahners
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