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2 years ago

Export field list from Quickbase

I want to export all of the fields from my database to a sheet, how can I do it?

Ngan Dinh

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    There is no native way to force all fields from all tables into a single CSV.    The List All report in each table will probably have every field for that table.   

    You can then use the Download report as a CSV feature.   Here is a screen shot of the icon from the upper right hand corner of a report

    I have got a way for you to build an Extract of your data and get it into a SQL DB.  If that is of interest please reach out.

    Don Larson
  • I have found that if I go to IMPORT/EXPORT for the app and EXPORT a table, it does give all fields without having to create a report listing all fields. It does include record data but this is easily deleted if you don't want it. I don't know of any way to export all table fields at once, though.

    Amy Gosz
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      Hi Amy, Ngan Dinh,

      Maybe this helps:

      Go to Settings\Fields of your table of interest. Set

      to your needs, then just drag over the field list with your mouse from the upper left corner to the bottom right...

      Browser shall scroll if you dragging past the lower screen limit. Ctl-C and open Excel. Paste as text, adjust the first row. 

      Hope this helps!



      Laszlo M