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3 years ago

Extract Time Zone from [Date Created] to use in other formulas

I am trying to extract the time zone from the [Date Created] field, unsuccessfully.
I have tried creating a Formula-Date/Time field to include the Time Zone, then creating a Formula-Text field to turn this field to text, but I still get the same result; the [Date Created] as a text field not including the time zone.

What I am trying to do is create a formula downstream that will convert the date created to a new field that is targeted to the Users location and time zone. I already have the work done to be able to manage time zone differences and can piece together a formula-text field that will display the current user's time zone with date created, but I am now trying to account for Daylight Saving Time.

Basically, what I'm trying to have QB do is:

If the time zone in [Date Created] is "CDT" then calculate time difference based on Daylight Saving Time, otherwise calculate time difference based on Standard Time.

I can get around this by adding to the formula some conditions to look at date ranges (based on when DST is active), but I'd really prefer not to.

Thanks for any insight into this idea.

Eric Evans Vargas

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  • Hi Eric,

    The Date Created field that is built into a table doesn't store the data of the time zone it is in, instead it defaults to the time zone that the app itself is set to regardless of the user who put in the data. For example Date Created in an app set to Eastern Time would capture the date and time a record was created in Eastern Time whether the users is in Boston on Eastern Time or in California on Pacific time. So you can figure out the Time zone of the date created by looking in your App Properties and seeing the time zone it is set to.

    Evan Martinez