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3 months ago

Fastfield Forms

Is there a way I can use Quickbase to provide information to Fastfield? I want to do inspections on a building but I would like my accounts in Quickbase to show in the lookup field on Fastfield. I only see the option to use spreadsheets. 

With the Quickbase/ Fastfield integrations, it seems the only integration is Fastfield feeding Quickbase with info. I need Fastfield to pull data from Quickbase. 

Landon Wyrick

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  • My understanding is that right now it's very difficult to populate what FastField calls a "Lookup table", like a "Parent Table" in Quickbase.  There is a new feature coming soon to dumb that down for us mere mortals as right now you seem to need to be a "coder" with more complex APIs and using a "Developer Key".  I heard that this native feature is coming in the March release (well I was told in Q1, and it was not on the February release, so I'm hoping / assuming the March release).

    Maybe if you put in a support ticket they can get you that info on the timing of that FF / QB interface enhancement.   Until then you should be safe to enter and maintain the lookup table manually, knowing that is a high priority enhancement coming soon. 

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)