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2 years ago

Field Help Text Export

Novice API user, Pipelines only has access to Quickbase Channel.
I have 3 tables that began as copies of an original table.  250 fields each.  Over time they have been modified and are now slightly different from each other. I have been asked to review the Field Help Text Values of the fields that are named the same across all 3 tables. 
I am trying to pull the Field Name and Field Help Text into a CSV for the purposes of comparing values.
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Nick Bellows

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    I highly recommend checking out an app in the exchange: Virtual Empower: App Library by Ryan Pflederer.

    I got this app and adapted it to my needs; added some functionality. As is though, it uses the RESTful API to get data on apps, tables, fields, etc. It's a life saver for documentation. 

    Dwight Munson