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3 years ago

Field to count number of checkboxes ticked against remaining

I have a checklist assigned to individual checkboxes.  I would like to have a summary of the checkboxes checked against checkboxes remaining. i.e. if I had 20 checkboxes and 5 have been checked then just a summary showing 5/20

Jessica Matenga

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  • As long as the number of checkboxes is fixed you can do a formula numeric that shows # of remaining using if statements:
    20-if([checkbox1]=true,1,0)-if([checkbox2]=true,1,0)​ etc

    Sean Boat-Moore
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  • Try Something like this

    var number CheckboxCount=
    [checkbox 1],
    [checkbox 2],
    [checkbox 3],
    etc ...
    [checkbox 20]);

    ToText($CheckboxCount) & "/20"

    Mark Shnier (YQC)