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3 years ago

Filling out Excel Template with specific field info

I am looking to create an Excel template of a Bill Of Lading utilizing info from fields in the Sales table on QuickBase. For instance I would like the Ship To address to transfer as well as other valid fields when hitting a button. I know a long time ago there used to be a Microsoft Word Add-on that I could never get to work but I have to believe there is a better option now, preferably without having to purchase an add-on?

Also acceptable would be to create another form arranged in a way to look like a BOL that could have the company Logo on it and when hitting the button it would take the user to that form from the main form.

Chris Swirtz

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  • Hi Chris,

    I'm working on this also actually.  

    This is doable using the instructions here:

    Get the Exact Form Template, delete all of the content and paste in a generic BOL template. 

    Then you can go in and add all of your fields by field ID#  like this  ~45~  in each spot where you want to pull from the record.

    Once you're done,  you can just have a URL button called 'Generate BOL' that you click to display the filled in form, which you can then print or save to pdf.

    I'm slowly getting this to work,  but be prepared to spend a lot of time fighting the very clunky and difficult formatting when QB interprets the template.    It's a lot experimenting.

    Jeff Peterson