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12 months ago

Filtering a report on the new forms

Hi Qrew! I'm trying out the new forms in a Request table that is a child of the Accounts table (one Account can have many Requests). In my first section I utilize a lookup field to show the Account #, name, and phone number. I want to insert a report from the Request table that would dynamically filter on the Account # and show any Requests that have previously been created for that Account #. I have a table report already created in Requests that lists the requests, but I can't figure out how to dynamically filter the report for display. Any suggestions on how this could be done?

Doug Crandall

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  • A report link field can match on any field with no relationship required.  So set up a Report Link on the Account table where you configure the left side with the Account # of the "Parent" and then on the right side navigate to the same App and then scroll down to locate the Account# on the Requests table.

    Then just put the Report Link on the form to show as a Report.

    Note that this is likely the only place in Quickbase where during that Navigation it causes what will be seen by your browser as a pop up so once in your life on that Browser you will need to click to always allow pop ups from Quickbase.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)