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11 months ago

Filtering based on the count of a particular field

I'm trying to filter a pie chart to only show where there is more than one instance. The pie chart shows the number of articles that appear in each journal, but I want to exclude journals where # of articles is 1 (or less than 2)

Journal is a field

Article is a field 

The pie chart is using # of articles for data values. 

Michael Buller

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  • You should be able to add a filter in the report settings for "where Articles is less than 2".

    If Articles are a child of the Journal record, then you first need to make a summary field for # of Articles, and then add the filter using this field.

    This will filter all of the data going into the delicious pie chart.

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      It sounds like you are doing the pie chart off the articles table. I think what Garry is suggesting is to instead do the same pie chart but do it off the journals table.  We are assuming here that you have a relationship where one journal has many articles. 

      Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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        Ah thanks. Right now, it's set up as only one table and within the Articles table, I have an article and an journal field.


        Setting up a Journals table would make sense.


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