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7 months ago

Filtering Coments


I am looking for a way or the best way to filter some comments in a project record.

I have a table called projects and a child table called comments, in order to follow the process the users will add comments. I will need to let them search and filter the comments the best possible way.

I thought that maybe when adding a comment they could set different key words and base their search on that, but I was looking for an opinion or help for this. 


Francisco Ojeda

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  • if you're looking to put some structure into the comments tagging, I suggest adding some extra fields for different kinds of tags or category Comments. Then you were able to control the drop-down of choices available in these fields and had some standard ideation and also the ability to for easily allow the user to use dynamic filters in their searching.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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      To echo what Mark said - if you want to control the options you could do a Multiple choice text or multi select - you could also create like a 'tags' field and just let users tag it themselves like a Twitter hashtag so they can freeform it that way, or a combination of both. 

      Chayce Duncan