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2 years ago

Find Nearest Location

I have a use case where someone will call in and give us an address and we are to instruct them to the nearest location based on the address that they give us. I have a csv file with the locations that I need to map and they have full addresses as well as the geolocation of the addresses. I am having trouble doing this inside of the form. Is there anyone who has done this?

Jeff Brooks

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  • I have done this before. If you search this Forum on Pythagoras you should get many posts on this mostly by me. 

    I can help you on a one on one session if you need help, it usually only takes an hour of consulting time to get this working. 

    The messy part in you situation will be how to get the geocode for the given address. 

    If you'd like you can contact me directly by the email in my signature line.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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    Juiced Tech can do this with their Maps Tool.   Talk with  ​

    Don Larson