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7 months ago

Form Builder Results in Rich Text Fields with Displayed HTML


I'm trying to rebuild a form using the new form builder.  The look and feel of the forms built with the form builder  are larger and easier to see for some of our employees.

Unfortunately, I have run into an issue with the display of our rich text (reference proxy) fields when these fields are added using the form builder.  These forms will only display with their HTML showing. This was not the case with our old forms.  I've attached screen captures of the fields from our new form built with the form builder and our old form to demonstrate our issue.

The visual clutter of HTML tags appearing with our data will be a deal breaker for updating this form.  Has anyone found any workaround for this issue?  Any input is welcomed.


Kaisa Janzen

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  • I was able to replicate your issue when the rich-text field in question is also being used as a reference proxy - but not when it's just a lookup. This seems to be a bug in the new forms worth reporting. 

    In the interim to fix the immediate problem - you might consider adding a 'new' lookup copy of your rich text fields - and set it on the form so that when you're adding/editing the form you can use the dropdown reference proxy - but then on view just have the additional copy on the form. I didn't see the same behavior with showing tags when it was just a regular lookup, it seems isolated to just the reference proxy setup. 

    Chayce Duncan