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Form Design: How to Place Tabs within Sections?

I have a complicated form with numerous sections.   There are a couple of sections that would be well served by underlying tabs to group subsections within the section and to provide some visual interest.   Every time I add tabs, they do not collapse within the section and I lose the ability to see sections below the tabs.   For now I have placed one set of tabs in the lowest point of the form but this is not optimal for the process.    I did search for this type of problem and found a few similar comments in 2018.  Curious is this has been solved natively in QuickBase (strongly preferred since I will ultimately hand administration over to others) or what coding options I have to accomplish this?

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  • Tabs and Sections form a very basic hierarchy where Tabs are (typically) the umbrella that Sections fall under. Of course, as you've found, you can't actually put a Tab "inside" a Section, only below/following one. If you're wanting to setup sub-sections, you can do this with a combination of Text and Section elements.

    To start an area of sub-sections below a given Section header
    • Insert a Text element and insert <table> into the element and turn on HTML for that element
    • Add your Sub-sections using the standard setup (Section headers and fields)
    • Insert another Text element at the end of the Sub-section and insert </table> into the element and turn on HTML for that element
    While this won't give you exactly what you're looking for, these sections will collapse with the main Section header and will be indented underneath them when the Section is not collapsed.

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