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2 years ago

Form Lookup to Table Twice


I have a master table of all the parking passes for a company.  In it, I have the following fields:
- Tag #
- Lot Location
- Status

I'd like to create a form that will allow the user to enter the action; whether it's a new issuance or return of a parking pass, or a reassignment.  If it is a reassignment, they will need to enter in the tag # for the newly issued tag, as well as the returned tag #.

Where I'm tripping up, is I need to create a relationship from the form to the table against the tag # twice (once for returned pass and another time for issued passes).  Right now, I was able to have the field in the form twice, but it references to one another where I cannot enter two different parking pass #'s independently.  Is this possible?

Thank you!

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