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24 days ago

Forms help


I need help across 3 things today :). And some quick Quickbase Qrew help and/or feedback too.


  1. Is there any way to create a read/view-only form? Or can this only be achieved through toggling the individual fields on a Form to read-only?
  2. I'm struggling to delete a legacy form - but I cannot find it tied to any report nor role. What gives?

Qrew Help/Feedback:

  1. I posted this once - but it didn't take. The new site is a bit glitchy - but I know it'll get there!
  2. Is there a way to get notifications when there are replies? I have to manually check.
  3. The redirect function kicks you back out to home. So if I either go to "reply" or "start new" discussion, it auto-routes to authenticating, then back out to the home page instead of the thread/area I was in.



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  • 1. They Probably do not let you delete legacy forms because legacy forms are used in mobile. Currently new forms do not rendering mobile but hopefully that will change in the third or fourth quarter where new forms are supposed to work on mobile. 

    2. It's not a way to make a form read only. A better suggestion if possible is to use custom permission rules to have the record being non-editable two users in certain rules under certain conditions. That way the record itself will not be editable.

    3. Ben Simon, our Community Forum moderator, is working hard behind the scenes to get all the bugs out of this new Forum platform. He is gathering feedback here. So probably best to copy and paste and re-post your feedback about Forum issues on this thread here.



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    Hey Christine,

    Sorry you're experiencing challenges with the new site. We're all frustrated by this, but what you are describing, the ability to set email preferences to be notified when someone responds to your post, IS functionality we are supposed to have, but its currently one we cannot get to due to one of the glitches you referenced. I've been working with the vendor trying to identify why this is happening and how we can get this resolved as quickly as possible. I share the frustration that those in the Qrew have about this topic. 

    If you go to your avatar > My Settings > Follows and Notifications, this is where you are supposed to be able to set up your notifications. It's going to error out on you and that's the issue we've raised with our platform vendor (not Quickbase). I'd be happy to hop on a call with you and answer any other questions you have about Qrew Discussions, let me know if this interests you and I can email you directly.


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      Thanks, Ben! Sure - I always appreciate the opportunity to connect with Quickbase. Glad to hear it's being worked on - this is such a vibrant and helpful community!