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3 years ago

Formula Checkbox not checking all the time based on formula

These are the fields that I have:

Checkbox Formula Field: Mod Finalized Required


ToText([Event Modification(s)])="", true)


Checkbox Formula Field: Materials Finalized Checkbox

If([materials_finalized]<Now(), true, false)


Date Formula Field: Session Date



Date Formula Field: Materials Finalized Date



Those all work fine. What doesn't work is the following formula Checkbox field:

Materials Finalized on Time

If([Mod Finalized Required]=true and [Modifications Finalized Checkbox]=false, false,

    (WeekdaySub([Session Date], [Materials Finalized Date])>=2), true)


This field should have the following outcomes:

If the Mod Finalized Required is checked and the Materials Finalized Checkbox is not checked: not checked

If the Mod Finalized Required is not checked and the Materials Finalized Checkbox field is checked: checked and

If the Materials Finalized Date is equal to 2 or more business days before the Session Date, then check the Materials Finalized on Time checkbox.


It works for the most part but not on all. Can't figure out what is wrong.

Dawn Rene

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  • Can you show your other checkbox that is in the rule?

    You're looking at the modifications finalized checkbox. My guess it is hitting the first rule, and it's true which means no check, and so it is stopping there. I suspect you mean [Materials Finalized] and not [Modifications Finalized] which you have in your final checkbox code.

    Mike Tamoush
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      Qrew Trainee
      Worked perfectly with WeekdaySub([Session Date], [Materials Finalized Date])>=2)! Thanks Mike!

      Dawn Rene