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3 years ago

Formula: Color Coding and Dates

Hello All! I am new to Quickbase and I am having trouble finding out how to code. I need to make a report that tracks all employees and how long they have worked at my company. I have the basic information, (I.e. Start date, employee, etc.) but I was wondering of there would be an easier way to automatically calculate how long the employee has worked from when they were hired until the present date. I also need to find out how to code those times in to different sections  (green= 0-1 years, blue= 1-5, etc) so I can graph that info. If anyone has any suggestions or can point me in the right direction to go that would be amazing! Thanks

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  • Try this as a formula numeric field which should calculate the number of completed service years

    var date HireDate = [Hire Date];

    (Month(Today())=Month($HireDate) and Day(Today())<Day($HireDate)),1,0)

    Mark Shnier (YQC)