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3 years ago

Formula to Reset the allowance/values on January 1st of every year


I have a situation where i am trying to keep track of all the allowances for my techs.
Each tech has allowance of $ 500 and that resets on 1st of January every year. All there expenses are reimbursed withing this allowance as soon as they turn in. I have created a table to get all those entries. 
All the new hires have to wait for atleast 365 days in order to avail this allowance.
I have a setup a field to calculate the no of days worked but i am confused with part where i need to reset there limits every year.
Can you please help me with this.


Amandeep Dhillon

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  • Presumably you have a table of techs and a child table of their expenses.  You can make a formula field there to calculate their [Current Year Allowance] and their [Previous Year Allowance]. That would take into account Today's date and their Hire Date. 

    Then you can have a summary field on the relationship for [Total Expenses in Current Year] and also [Total Expenses in Previous Year].

    Post back if you have any problems setting that up.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)