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I have a "calc sheet" table where all of the calculations are done for our royalty interest. 

I need a way to take the Asset NMA for the acquisition and total it.

So for APU001 ACQ GROUP, the TOTAL ACQ PRODUCING NMA should be 276 all the way down. then I can get a real percentage of what % of that acq is actually producing.

I don't have a direct relationship to the acq table, so I feel like there needs to be a formula?

Any Ideas are helpful! and If I didn't explain myself clearly, I will definitely clarify.

Renee Hansen

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  • not a stupid question  :)
    Right today, the only way to get that total would be to have a Parent table of the ACQ  groups, and then make a relationship to these detail records to get the Total, and then lookup that Total back down to the detail records.

    But there is an early limited Beta feature out there now called Formula Queries which is new functionality to be able to do what you want, that being to grab totals without having a relationship.  Access to that Beta is on request and by invitation only as they are doing performance testing to make sure the apps still are "Quick".

    Mark Shnier (YQC)