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11 months ago

formula with multiple parameters


I have a check box that I need to automatically be checked if the value of the request is >2500 and <15000.  I had this worked out fine with the formula: 


However, I have been asked to add a third parameter....if the user is a particular person, their thresholds are different...I'm trying this formula below. However, the issue I'm running into is that, the box is being checked even if it is below 2500.

Case([DOC]="Sean Regan",[Total]>2500,([Total]<5000),true,false,
Case([DOC]="Grafton Montgomery",[Total]>2500,([Total]<5000),true,false,
Case([DOC]="Jeron Pearson",[Total]>2500,([Total]<15000),true,false,
Case([DOC]="Jared Bernshausen/Brian Oesch",[Total]>2500,([Total]<15000),true,false,
Case([DOC]="Jay McClain",[Total]>2500,([Total]<15000),true,false)))))

Please help!!


Brandy Nunes

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  • Something like this should work, you'll just need to add the rest of your folks...

    var number requestMin = 2500;

    var number requestMax = Case([DOC],

                                                       "Sean Regan", 5000,

                                                       "Grafton Montgomery", 5000,

                                                       "Jeron Pearson", 15000


    [Total] > $requestMin and [Total] < $requestMax

    Chris Wheatley
  • If you use user field, first check if providing name is what this field recognize. Maybe you need to compare it with mail (as when I convert User field totext() it shows mail address)

    Adam Krzyzanek