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2 years ago

Frameless Window

I have the following Rich Text button on a form:

var text URL= "\n\n&ifv=1";
"<a class='Vibrant Success OpenAsPopup' style='border:1px solid #000000; background-color:#000000' data-height=500 data-width=800 data-refresh=true href=\"" & $url & "\" > Select Employee </a>"

It pops a window that prompts the user to enter (any portion of) an employee's name (Good Window #1). This frame/window has minimal information and is unobtrusive.   

Unfortunately, when a user enters text it pulls back a report (#27) that has all of the browser header information.  It makes for a visual mess and is distracting (Bad Window #2).

Can I strip the header information out of Bad Window #2, so it looks more like Good Window #1?  If so, how?  Thanks in advance.​​​​

Keith Hendrick
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