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2 years ago

General Sandbox Question

For those who have a good amount of experience utilizing the Sandbox feature to make changes to applications, is there any general rule of thumb to how many changes should be made before publishing? Fore instance, I currently have roughly 1900 change lines in the current Sandbox I am working in that have not yet been published. Granted, the live app is not currently being used by the client anyway, but, I feel like that is a lot of changes to be sitting on. Has anyone had issues with changes not transferring correctly for one reason or another? We are currently at a lull between development work, I feel like it is the right time to publish what has been done so far and then start new work with a clean Sandbox so to speak. Any thoughts?

Chris Swirtz

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    It depends what you are comfortable with having to rework if things go wrong I guess. The majority of the time the sandbox publishes fine for me. There have been a few times in the past where it failed to publish and we had to discard changes as nothing we tried would let us publish. I would say we probably average 400 changes or so between publishes but it can be higher in some weeks.

    Worse yet, if you do end up with an issue that needs support to intervene prepare to leave that sandbox open until their investigation is completed. This could take many weeks with no real timeline given. Usually this is not an option for us as we need to get the business back up and running and not leave it in the broken state where QB support can work with it for extended periods to determine the cause. We almost always abandon the bad sandbox and redo the work, which means support cannot tell us why the error happened in the end.